Optimization of hairpin heat exchangers

  • Our scope – Check and optimize thermal design for a unit with four hair pin exchangers connected in series in the post order stage.
  • Our findings – Recommended a better design with reduction in heat transfer area to the tune of 40%. The design recommended by us has been approved by the project consultant and customer.
  • Benefits to our client – A savings of USD 80,000 due to material costs alone.

Piping stress analysis and support specifications for a 32 inch super
austenitic piping system in a waste water treatment facility

  • Our scope – Static and dynamic piping stress analysis.
  • Criticality of the system – Pump and motor (132 kW) assembly (overall weight of 2600 kg) suspended on piping flanges only. No rigid foundation.
  • Performed a static and dynamic analysis for the  system and designed hanger supports to take care of the loads.
  • Additional scope – Due to high forces and moments from the piping, Finite Element Analysis was also done by us to check suitability of the equipment to withstand these loads.