Structural Design And Analysis

Trans heat provides complete design solutions for the structural design and structural analysis of
•    Pipe racks 
•    Equipment support structures
•    Technological structures
•    Stack / duct support structures
•    Piping supports
Analysis is done considering the equipment and pipe support loading, wind loads, seismic loads, etc. Foundation load data for all cases required for doing civil foundation design will be provided.
In addition, we also provide 3D modelling services for the above structures which facilitates a walk through review of the complete model to ensure that all connection details are modeled, there is no fouling between structural members, resolve possible clashes between piping and structure, plan a proper erection sequence, etc. This also makes it possible to generate a structural general arrangement drawing and complete fabrication drawings from the same model thus eliminating any chances of errors.
Detailed Engineering – Fabrication Drawings


Based on clients requirements, Trans heat undertakes jobs of equipment design, preparing general arrangement and detailed fabrication drawings for
•    Structural work
•    Process equipment
•    Piping layouts
•    Piping isometrics
•    Other miscellaneous items