Piping Stress Analysis
Transheat has wide experience in pipe routing and stress analysis to ensure that forces and moments transferred on static or rotating equipment are minimum and well within the limits specified by the equipment suppliers. Provision of adequate flexibility within the piping system ensures that this condition is met. For a given equipment layout, we can provide you with the best possible piping layout and perform stress analysis to ensure that the piping network is safe under all operating conditions.
We regularly undertake piping stress analysis jobs that involve the following activities.
  • Static piping stress analysis
  • Dynamic piing stress analysis
  • Piping routing and isometrics
  • Piping support specifications
  • Design of piping supports
Specifications for hanger type supports, if required as per analysis, will be given. Also, load data at various support locations will be given so that a proper structural design can be done. If, client desires, we can also undertake the structural design activity.
Piping isometric drawings showing all dimensional data and support locations will be provided for fabrication purposes.
Trans heat has experience in handling stress analysis of high pressure and high temperature piping as well as analysis of exotic piping materials like AL6XN, duplex steels, SMO 254, etc.